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​Many people own more than one vehicle and often storage can be an issue. Perhaps you have a sports car or a classic car that you bought as an investment. In the mean time, what do you do with it? Alternatively you may have an extra car that you are currently not using. Do you want to leave it exposed to the elements, or to the risk of vandalism and theft? Perhaps you only live for part of the year in this area and you want to leave your car here when you are gone. One option is to put your vehicle in storage with Big Bear Storage.

If you are considering vehicle storage there are some options. You can choose between outdoor storage and a drive up storage unit.

Outdoor storage is the most economical option, but it does leave your vehicle exposed to some of the elements.

Covered storage is similar to a carport. Our oversized covered storage units can accommodate RVs and large boats.

Drive up storage is similar to using a garage and your vehicle is enclosed and protected from the elements. Like a garage it does give you additional storage opportunities around the vehicle.

​RV, Car & Boat Storage